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Northeastern university had a great range of courses. For bright young students and provided great care and understanding. We saw great classes and dining. But there were incidences were I felt uncomfortable with the lack of blue light systems. Also I saw some infrastructure issues but other than that great campus and courses. We also viewed great sites near campus and had a great time! << Charles, remember, they did show us the blue light systems!
(Charles Bleufford)

Wow! When I first entered Northeastern I was not impressed!. When we started our tour, I began to appreciate the campus and just how much it has to offer. When we got about halfway through the tour, a family asked to join us, and of course we said yes. Come to find out the son of the family, Daniel, was a junior in a city called "Dareon" close to Cincinnati and wants to major in biomedical engineering, just like me! As the tour continued I began to really like Northeastern. At the end of the tour we attended an informational seminar. After hearing all of the amazing programs offered at Northeastern, including over a hundred full tuition scholarships, the college had me right where they wanted me, I was bought! I will definitely be applying, and hopefully be accepted.
(Dareon Freeman)

Not my type of campus. But the programs and academics they offered are pretty impressive for a school i have never heard of...we had a great time there anyways, just like everywhere we went!!!
- julian schnell








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