The University Bound Scholars' College Trip relates to my future goals as a student and young lady in this world. The college trip will help my college application different from others students because this trip give me high school credit and give me some one on one experience outside the classroom to travel and go to different colleges. I will know what are most college are looking for in an application like leadership, community service, and coursework. The most important factors of getting into a college. The trip teach me how to be more independent as a student. I will be able to make my own decisions as an adult not let my parents make it for me because college is the start of independence as a person in today's society. Also, I learn how to communicate with my peers and be open to the experience. I can take more control of my life as student and able to do things on my own because in college you have to teach yourself and take advantage of getting your education not the professors. I will be in control of my education and not anybody else.

There are many prerequisites and preparation before I went on this trip. I had to make a wikispaces account and join the University Bound Scholars wikispace because there are some of our assignments that are sign on that website as well as our resources about the colleges and pictures. I have to maintain a certain GPA and be a great example for the community as leader. I had to be in my junior or sophomore year of high school to begin my college search. My principal, Mr. Vawters told us how to introduce ourselves and dress to impressed to meet very important people in the community and college professors as well as admission officers.

I have to master certain skills and content by the end of the University Bound Scholars trip. I have to introduce myself in a respectful manner to new people in those college trips. I need to know the most important factors of getting into a certain college. For example, Georgetown has many application requirements and factors. Georgetown recommend an interview, essay, an ACT( with or without writing) or SAT Reasoning Test score, and SAT Subject Test. Georgetown University most admission factors are character qualities, class rank, application essay, recommendations, secondary school record, standardized test scores, talent/ability, and academic grading point average. Another example, Temple University requirements are an essay, SAT Reasoning Test and ACT(with writing). Temple University most important admission factors are second school record and academic grading point average. Princeton University recommend the coursework that you take in high school in order to get into that university. I know I need to improve my writing skills for my essay and brain storm essay topic so the colleges will know that my essay reflects who I am as a person with or without an interview. I have to make sure my coursework though out high school are challenging enough and let colleges know that I am a serious student and I take my education seriously. Georgetown University have some recommendations of how many high school classes you should take. Georgetown requires you to take four years of English, two years of Foreign Language, two years of History, two years of Math, one year of Science and two years of Social Studies. University of Pennsylvania recommend you to take four years of English, four years of Foreign Language, three years of History, four years of Math, three of Science (lab). two years of Social Studies. I have to know what ACT or SAT scores of which colleges would accept. Temple University average ACT score with writing is 20 to 26. While, Georgetown accepts an ACT score (with or without writing) is a 26 to 32. I need a timeline of when college applications, scholarship, and FAFSA deadlines because some colleges requires to have your ACT scores by a certain day and college applications are turned in. So by the end of my senior year, I do not have to stress over what college I am going to. For example, Temple University requires your ACT score and application send to them by March 1 and reply for acceptance to the university by May 1. Overall, I have to make my application and essay reflect myself as person.

The college trip was a fun and amazing experience that I will not never forget. I hope to learn many things from this experience. I learn there are many opportunities for me to get into a private college or university and be able to paid for it. I learn how to my first big decision of what colleges I want to go into without my mom. I learn which factors getting into a college are most important to me like environment. I like colleges that are suburban while someone else like a city college. I learn how to be myself and communicate with different people because the first impression is very important for getting into a college. For example, I met a math college professor at Temple University and I had a wonderful conversation with him. He may be my college professor in college. I spoken to two girls in Georgetown and one is from France and the other study abroad. I was able to get more information of what Georgetown has to offer besides an education. I learn that I have more opportunities in colleges besides an education. I can travel abroad to different parts of the world like France, internships that involves my major, and the activities or programs that is offer on campus. I learn to go to the college that is best for you not that best college in the world. I learn a lot from this experience.
Elevator Talk
Hi. My name is Nicole. I am currently a junior in high school. I am on a college trip with other students from my school from Ohio to look at college campuses. May I ask you some question about this college/university?
About Myself
My name is Nicole Perkins. I am a junior at Bedford High School. I am very involved in the community as well as school. I am involved with Track, Cross-Country, National Honor Society, University Bound Scholars, band, and a Safety Town teacher during the summer. The reason I was selected for National Honor Society was mainly because of my character and academics. I am a very caring of others and myself. Also, I am not judgmental because I believe people are different for a reason and life would be very boring if people are the same. I am very hopeful of my dreams and turning my dreams into a reality. I love the idea of learning because it is always something that is new and interesting of people who are you surrounded with. I want to travel around the world so I can learn about the different types of people and their cultures. Also, I want to be a biomedical engineer after college. The reason I want to be a biomedical engineer because I want to find cures for cancer and many other fatal diseases. I want to make a difference in the world and help others. I like to do the impossible.I have overcome many obstacles.
College Question
1. What makes your university different from others?
2. Are there any major crimes happen on the campus for the past two years?
3. How actively are the students on the campus for any political cause (LGBT, Women's Rights, etc..)?
4. Do the college help freshman students get adjust to the campus?
5. Which places that are unsafe around the city?
6. How much does technology are used in the classroom?
7. Are you able to have a double major? If so, how common the students in this campus do a double major?
8. Are you be able to communicate with your professors outside the classroom for help?
9.Is the college welcoming to the freshmen?
10. What are the required courses that students will have to take before taking classes involved in their major?

Falling Waters at Falling Waters, Pennsylvania

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At Georgetown, praying to see President Obama.