2011 UBS Spring Break College Tour... My experience!!!

Princeton was the first college we visted on the tour. This is one of the top universities in the United States so I was very excited to visit. The large campus had an old-fashioned look and seemed as if their main focus was to produce well-educated students that would soon be apart of the workforce. The tour guides also told us about the various programs they provide both academic and recreational. They also shared with us the requirements if we were interested in attending Princeton and they also took our information so that they could send us things pertaining to the college.

Rutgers University was the next college on the tour. This campus was so large that you have to take a bus to each of the separate campuses( each bus ride is no longer than five minutes). The atmosphere at Rutgers was welcoming and provided something that would interest anyone, for example they have a farm on campus that is used for research. The social life at the university seems interesting and fun. Even though the main focus in college is to get a good education, having a good time is also an important factor in the entire college experience and I feel like Rutgers provides that.

Temple was the third college we visited and was definitely one of my favorties. I really liked that Temple was basically its own city and everything was in walking distance. There also was several activities that I could get involved in and has multiple majors to choose from inckuding nursing, the major that appeals to me. The students at Temple were easy to talk to and I learned a lot from what they told us abput their personal college experience. From these conversations, each student seemed very enthusiastic about attending Temple University and I feel like my college experience would be the same if I attended this university.

The next college on the tour was the University of Pennsylvania. Penn was a considerably larger campus and also seemed as if it was its own city. They offer numerous programs that allow a studnt to study and learn about a specific topic that interest them. I also enjoyed the diversity of the student body and their openness to meet new people. The buildings on campus are also nice including their library/bookstore because it's enormous and provides a variety of books to choose from. The thing that Penn emphasized the most is their devotion to higher education and that aspect is important to me.

The last college on the tour was Georgetown University. When we arrived here I was one of three students who got to be one of the tour guides. Before attending the trip, we did research on this college so that I'd be prepared for the tour and even if some of my classmates had questions. Everything on campus is in walking distance and I thought that was a good thing because you don't really have to worry about transportation. That day was also great because we had no idea President Obama was speaking. So we ended up stopping the tour momentarily and waited outside of the building where President Obama held his speech. The president finally arrived, but we only got a glimpse of him from his limo. After that, we finished the tour and I actually realized how nice Georgetown's campus really was.