I will remember this forever! :) I had the greatest time during the trip. This experience has taught me a lot and opened my eyes to places that I would not have even thought about before. I'm am glad I went on the trip, sad that it is over and excited for my future.
Rutger's was a very cool school, but it was not my favorite one. I liked the tour and the tour guide. She was able to make the little trip fun and interesting. I liked how the campuses were in different locations to meet different peoples' needs or wants. Even with all the variety I wasn't really liking the distance between the campuses. On the other hand, they had a really good transportantion system so that nobody could get stuck in a place they didn't want or need to be in.

The first stop we made at one of Frank Lloyd Wright's marvels called Falling Waters was very cool. This a picture from the front surrounded by the beautiful nature. I liked the house a lot; I liked how it actually looked like a home inside. Being able to have a summer home like this one would be so amazing. I enjoyed seeing this place.
Since we spent so much of our time on the bus I felt that it was important to point that out. Visiting all of the schools may have been the reason for going on the trip, but spending time with friends was another benefit. Sometimes the bus was boring and sometimes it was fun. Being able to have down time like we did on the bus helped to make the whole trip even better!
Other than visiting the colleges going to Union Station and walking through Washington DC were the best part of the whole trip. I had fun acting crazy and hyper and just silly. It was a good way to just relax. Plus anytime I can be my child-like self and laugh until my stomach hurts is a perfect time. :)