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Brown University had an amazing campus, with many bustling students. At first our tour was a little relaxed and uninforming but was quicklyenergized with questions from bedford's own UBS. We all recieved an immense amount of information after many questions were answered by Red, our student guide.
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(dareon freeman)


I felt this campus had alot to offer me in many ways such as walking distance I got a good perception of the dorms from our guide. I felt a good connection to the campus. Fair architectural buildings alot of historical scuptures to show the prestigiousness of the school. They have an emense engineering program that suited my work load and alot of extra cariculars. To stay fit and enthused on campus they had a nice gym and work facility. And I would definatley apply here

Brown University is definately a college that I am going to apply to. Their capmus was nice and warm feeling along with the friendly people they had. As it used to be ranked one of the highest colleges, their academics are great.